Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fashion design - six tips for fun to expand and seasoning the closet

They are to locate his clothes for winter and find that it is his closet
looking a little bare? The colors and styles of the spring and summer
do wardrobe seem to dates and boring? Would like a more youthful look?
Are you looking for a way to spend less money but keep some of the current
hot trends? They have put on a few extra pounds during the winter months
and wishes that his clothes to help him look thinner while shedding extra
weight? Here are six tips to update your wardrobe with the latest fashion
designs without spending much money.

1 Color: it is important to know what colors complement your skin tones.
Use the light shades of the color next to his face. Use deeper tones
complementary colors in pants or shirts of layers. Through this technique,
they will appear thinner. It will be noted his face instead of
his body and darker colors are more slimming.

2 Layers: layers of different colors and styles are extremely popular
This season. It is another way to look thin and elegant. More
light weight fabrics can be used without adding bulk. Start with the longest
shirt in layers in the first place, then add layers shorter then. This lengthens and is
glowing body. The new fabrics on popular layers are used often by
women wearing maternity clothes.

3. Add to your existing wardrobe: simply by adding a shirt or jacket in
This season new colors and styles, can get a new suit. Take
a pair of pants that are getting tired of cutting and les hemming
long popular for summer can save money from won't have that
buy another pair.

4. The replacement of elements in your closet: there will be clothing in his
wardrobe that will have to be replaced. When the replacement of basic elements such as
trousers, clothes that are more classic look. It is less expensive to add
shirts of fashion in popular colors which will replace a couple of high-quality of
pants or jeans.

5 Accessories: Jewelry can update and add excitement to any
costume. You don't have to buy an expensive piece of jewelry to add
color or the modern look. Low cost, yet beautiful jewelry can be found.
Change of jewelry can be given a suit look totally different.

6 Skirts: Add a couple of skirts to their costume is elegant,
comfortable and fresh. Skirts are popular this year. Do women feel
female, pretty and a nice change of pants and shorts. You can dress
skirts to work or dress them for a summer picnic. To do this
Add suitable accessories.

The previous suggestions are applicable to the teen clothing and clothing junior as well
as the women's clothing. The most popular styles of shirts this season are cami
Cap Sleeve Cap smooth fit and soft materials stretch Camisole. Colors
that are being used are brown, coral, Berry, cream, pink, peach, blue sky,
Lilac, yellow and orange. Be careful to choose shirts of various
colors. For example, Orange will coincide with only a small number of women
skin tones. Peach, on the other hand, can be a better option for most
women. You can use most of the colors that everyone will be included in the law
overtones and undertones. Putting various colors to your face and
looking in the mirror, you can see if they are glowing and if they work
well with your personal skin tones.

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