Sunday, 3 April 2011

Proven Skin Care Strategies for Different Skin Type

If you think your skin care routine isn't working perhaps you should adopt a new one that is meant for your skin type. The wrong skin care routine is more common than you realize. You need to start choosing methods and products that were created for your skin type. Whether your skin is oily, dry, combo, sensitive or sun damaged, there are routines and products that can be used to properly care for your skin. However, there are some very common mistakes that get made even by people who do everything else in the routine correctly.

This article will talk about proven and successful skin care routines for different types of skin.
If your skin is oily, we understand the special challenges that plague you every day. Keep your skin care routine basic. Wash your face a few time each day and use a simple and gentle soap and water approach. Don't go overboard when you wash. If you use too much soap and/or scrub too vigorously you run the risk of stripping your skin of essential oils.
And what does that mean? The oil glands in your face will simply secrete even more oil to make up for what you washed away and you're left, once again, with super oily skin. You can also buy natural and non-harsh cleansing pads to keep with you when you're out. Dry skin is especially sensitive, be sure not to cleanse too much it will irritate your skin more. Try cleansing your skin only in the evening before bed. Then in the morning you can just use a lukewarm (never hot or cold) cloth to simply wash your face. After doing this you can apply a moisturizer for extra protection.
Water in the US is often treated with harsh chemicals which make face washing with this water a bad idea if you can help it. If possible, use filtered water that you can put in a wash basin to splash onto your face. Dry skin is sensitive to chlorine avoid it if you can. Avoiding alcohol based products is a good idea.
Damage does not discriminate against type so it is important, regardless of skin type, to practice proper skin care. Qualified beauticians can help you figure out your skin type if you do not already know what it is. She will be able to assist you in developing your skin care routine but be on the lookout for marketing and up-selling you things that you do not actually need. Once you've gotten a routine, you'll probably need to test out a few different individual products to figure out which ones are the best for you and your skin

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