Friday, 11 March 2011

High, high heels! What we do fashion designers?

Shoes seem to have replaced bags as the driving force in the Department of fashion accessories and stilettos extreme are the statement of fashion of the season. I have a love-hate relationship with stilettos. I love because they make women look sexy and powerful. They hate because I can conduct them as many times as you wish and makes me feel nostalgia. No doubt improve our legs and help make us look tall and thin. And as we all know, they seem to affect male libido and cause many more praise of males of the species. However, these dangerously high heels make it difficult to walk with ease and without breaking an ankle. Even the professional models are these heels stilt as difficult as it shows in the fashion recent sample.

But the treacherous than the current crop of stilettos, retailers say they are still a very requested staple of fashion. Fortunately, as always happens in the rarefied world of high fashion, styles of extremes in the gateway are something watered down at the moment they arrive to the plants of sale retail. As the mini-dresses seen on the slopes, these same dresses will have more hems to make them more attractive to the public in general and thus increase retail sales. Money rules!

With all this, he said, not fully amortize the high heels. Certainly, it requires effort to take them. And the extreme heels with ankle cuffs can make us look strong and authoritative. However, if you put, sure to with a simple dress. Here are some more pointers to guide you should decide to splurge this fanciful trend. (Remember that although you heel need not be long and thin to be considered fashion).

1 Buy the right size. I often see women high heel alto-los shoes that are too big. It should not have any space between the heel of the foot and the shoe.

2. Be aware that when he wore stockings, the willingness to walk easily slide show of shoe and is very likely that they lead to a fall or a sprained ankle.

3 No matter how high the shoe, additional caution to keep your balance. A graceful shoe or sexy is useless if it causes pain or makes you walk so ungainly or worse still, makes you fall.

4 Practice at home before venturing out of their staff.

5. The use of high heels is all about femininity. When you walk in heels think of a giraffe, not an elephant. Vertical position and height. Extend the waist, relax, and rotating the shoulders back and they drop-down. This will open the chest and help lengthen its neck. Make sure that the Chin is parallel to the ground.

6 To take small steps. Place her first heel and the only one. Pay attention to their line-up of foot. The feet should be pointing directly forward. While you walk make sure that your legs are parallel and together. Try to walk in a straight line. And to walk more sensual, move the hips slightly forward and take a step. WALKING SLOWLY AND GRACEFULLY.

I must confess that I know to buy a pair or two of Super own heels and admire them. Once in rare when you cautiously took them in my Studio or parts when I know that there is a parking service. And I want to say with caution because a few years ago he had twisted my ankle in a pair of high heel shoes and broke a bone in my right foot! Blueprint! Since then I have mainly using flats, which cannot be reconciled with my usual feminine style.

However, I am pleased to report that the extreme heels caution finally will find moderately high heels that are attractive and elegant très. The latest trend among designers of footwear is to do the same shoe available in two, sometimes three different heights. Prada seems to be the creator of this trend of sale at length. Our feet will appreciate these designers for many years to come.

Ah, already say I can hear: "Do Michele, what happens with cost through attrition?" does so I reply: "Are not rules to break"? Michele Benza is an Advisor of image that helps women to feel secure and radiant. You can work with it online or face to face. Call 415-956-3025 or visit for more details.

La femme of viva!

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